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Advocating for Business in Osceola County: A Partnership for Progress

Our mission statement is to be “champions for business and the Osceola community.” One way we accomplish that is through advocacy, ensuring that the business community’s collective voice is not just heard but acted upon at the local, state, and federal levels.

Bridging Business Owners and Lawmakers

At the heart of our mission lies our commitment to elevating your voice and ensuring it reaches the corridors of power through strategic events and initiatives. We host the Osceola Legislative Luncheon where we bring our Trustee members together with our state representatives for a luncheon following their update on their legislative priorities and follow up on those conversations at the popular Tallahassee Drive-Up during Florida’s Legislative Session. Our proactive engagement in policy-making, underscored by our readiness to support or challenge community issues through formal communication, reflects our unwavering stance in sculpting a conducive business and community environment.

Community Advocacy Built on Local Leadership

Proudly “Accredited with Five Stars by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Osceola Chamber’s Boards of Directors and Trustees are comprised of community figures who embody dedication and insight. The Chamber is fortified by entities like our own Government Advisory Committee, Growth Management Task Force, and the Osceola Political Action Committee (OPAC), all working in concert to champion our advocacy efforts effectively. These committees have the trust and confidence of our local governments, building relationships when issues in the community arise that require public and private partnerships.

Championing Osceola’s Legislative Business Agenda

  • Elevating Education for Economic Empowerment: Our advocacy ensures equitable educational resources, emphasizing career and technical training to bolster economic growth and workforce readiness.
  • Transforming Transportation for Tomorrow: We’re committed to enhancing infrastructure, from the I-4 corridor to the Kissimmee Gateway Airport, facilitating smoother travel and fostering economic expansion.
  • Health is Wealth: Through initiatives like The Osceola Chamber Foundation’s Health Leadership Council, we advocate for accessible healthcare, battling substance abuse, and expanding mental health services to cultivate a healthier, more productive community.
  • Insurance for a Sustainable Future: Tackling the challenge of rising insurance costs, we strive for policy reforms that ensure affordability without compromising the market’s vitality.
  • Safe and Attainable Housing: We address the housing shortage by advocating for diverse housing solutions, ensuring Osceola County remains a welcoming place for all.

Your Success is Our Success

Joining The Osceola Chamber means aligning with a powerful ally dedicated to your business’s growth and prosperity. We provide tools, opportunities, and a collaborative platform for business leaders to excel and contribute meaningfully to our community’s well-being. Together, we stand for the prosperity of Osceola County, fostering an environment where businesses thrive and community life flourishes.

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