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Area Councils Donate to Osceola Redi

Osceola Redi, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, is a coalition of governmental agencies, faith-based and non-profit organizations, businesses, and individuals dedicated to assisting victims of disasters, from hurricanes to the current COVID-19-related fallout, by pooling our community’s collective resources. “Redi” stands for “Recovery from Emergency Disaster Initiative,” and as such, the organization provides a comprehensive and integrated approach as Osceola County prepares for, responds to, and recovers from disasters that impact our community.

Side effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have seen many of our county’s residents out of work and struggling to provide for their families. Osceola Redi is currently challenging our community to collectively raise $100,000 to support our local food pantries.

The DKAC Accepts Osceola Redi’s Challenge
At their recent board meeting, our Downtown Kissimmee Area Council heard this challenge and made the decision to donate $1000 to the cause. They want to challenge other organizations in our community to donate within their means as well. Watch below as DKAC Chairman Brianne Stefek speaks about Osceola Redi and the DKAC specifically challenges the Hospitality and Tourism Council to follow in their footsteps.


PAC Responds to the DKAC’s Challenge
The Poinciana Area Council heard that the DKAC was encouraging other organizations to make donations to Osceola Redi. They eagerly accepted the challenge and have now donated $1000 as well! Go PAC! Watch below as they accept the challenge:


Parkways Business Council Joins the Challenge
Wait, it doesn’t end there! Not wishing to be left out the Parkways Business Council has also joined the Osceola Redi challenge with a donation of $500! Who will be next?


You can donate to Osceola Redi at OsceolaRedi.org or FeedingOsceola.org. Help them reach their goal!

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