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Osceola is Building Back Better!

Osceola County is part of an elite group of 21 coalitions that the Biden Administration is backing to boost the nation’s economic recovery and rebuild American communities.

Osceola and its Coalition partners are dedicated to speeding up the process of researching, developing, and making semiconductor components. They’re focusing their efforts at NeoCity in Osceola County, a tech hub in central Florida that covers a huge 500-acre area. NeoCity is well positioned to lead the way in producing these important computer parts right here in the United States.

Why is this so crucial? Well, semiconductors are like tiny brains in devices such as phones and computers. Right now, there’s not enough of them, and we rely on other countries like China to supply them. This project is like a major step towards making these parts ourselves, which is vital for both Florida and the entire United States.

As the region continues to advocate for bold investments in our nation’s semiconductor manufacturing capacity, including the recently approved CHIPS Act, Osceola finds itself leading the region’s high-tech ambitions, embracing its tagline “be first to what’s next.”

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