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Business Member Spotlight: Clear ERC

Clear ERC is the premier full service ERC provider in the Orlando area with head offices at 5971 Brick Court in Winter Park.

At Clear ERC, the Difference is Their Selling Point

At Clear ERC, they like to say they do things slightly differently.   While most companies’ and CPAs’ sole task is  to get  their clients the ERC refund, Clear ERC proudly concentrates not only on getting their clients their highest allowable ERC refund under the law, but, more importantly, on making sure they stay strictly within the parameters of the law and are equipped with the documentation for the IRS or any other body requiring justification for the refund going forward.

Namely, at Clear ERC they not only make sure that you get your maximum refund, but also that you keep it.

Clear ERC’s refund justification and substantiation documents are constructed individually for each and every client and their thirty-plus pages contain all the information the client needs to obtain an independent Letter of Legal Opinion to demonstrate qualification to complement the file.

This 30-page document demonstrates the specific Covid narrative of the client’s experiences during the pandemic and highlights challenges faced by the company as they dealt with the many and varied effects of that period. These effects and circumstances are then featured, demonstrated, and matched to the specific parts of the ERC law that deals with them and further linked to the specific mandates that allow qualification. This is the one and only way to qualify within the confines of the law.

All CPAs’ figures and route to final calculations are also included to ironclad the refund against any future possible audits.

While everyone wants their ERC refund, it is only by following this complete and arduous process that you can be sure that you not only get your maximum refund, but more importantly that you keep it.

Clear ERC looks after their clients during this process and long after its completion to give them the peace of mind to know that they did everything right.

Clear ERC offers a FREE , no obligation analysis to verify qualification . If there is no refund due there is no charge.


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