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Business Member Spotlight: Crown Castle

Bringing Reliable Connectivity to Osceola County and Beyond

With millions of smartphone users in Florida, and with up to 25 internet-connected devices in the average American home, wireless connectivity isn’t simply a luxury – it’s a necessity. Reliable internet matters not only in our daily lives, but for public safety and economic growth. To fulfill the demand, Crown Castle is building the 5G framework that will meet these connectivity needs. As an Osceola Chamber member and the nation’s largest provider of shared communications infrastructure, Crown Castle is proud to help deliver fast, reliable connectivity throughout Osceola County, Central Florida, and beyond.

Here are a few reasons why Crown Castle is working to connect our world:

Public Safety

Did you know that 80 percent of 911 calls originate from mobile devices? It’s a fact – and these devices rely upon network bandwidth to connect. Not only do residents need reliable connectivity to stay safe, but first responders rely on it to share data with dispatchers, provide medical history to EMS, and more. Since 5G wireless has been introduced, there have been significant reductions in emergency response times and hospital admissions, thanks to advances powered by connectivity. Crown Castle is proud to provide the speed and reliability first responders need to save lives.

Reliable Connectivity

Everyone expects a fast wireless connection in an instant – and Crown Castle works to provide exactly that. Whether finding a safe ride home, quickly finding information on the internet, getting to your destination via GPS, or even just ordering dinner through delivery apps, a consistent wireless connection is essential. Smartphones already generate the vast majority of mobile data traffic, and with growing telemedicine, touchless payment, and remote work industries, 5G is already at the center of our lives – even if we don’t yet know it.

Economic & Workforce Development

Osceola County is Central Florida’s fastest-growing county – and with that growth comes economic opportunities. Whether in-office or work-from-home, the workforce of 2022 and beyond needs the cutting-edge 5G communications infrastructure that Crown Castle makes possible. This next-generation infrastructure doesn’t build itself, though – and that means great high-tech jobs with competitive salaries and benefits coming to our region. With 5G technology adding an estimated 8.5 million jobs and $900 billion in economic impact nationwide by 2025, Osceola County can be on the forefront of that growth.

For over 100 years, The Osceola Chamber has supported businesses large and small – and Crown Castle is proud to be one of them. Over the past two decades, we’ve invested $40 billion across the nation in shared communications infrastructure that makes possible both today’s networks and the next generation of wireless in Central Florida and beyond. We have a lot more work to do here in Osceola County, as your partner in not only meeting the demand for data, but driving innovation for the future.

To learn more, please visit crowncastle.com.

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