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Business Member Spotlight: Florida Solutions Care

Florida Solutions Care LLC is a public adjusting firm in Florida that aims to offer the best solutions to residential and commercial clients when working with insurance companies in the aftermath of natural disasters, and to take care of both the value of their property and their personal peace of mind.

The business philosophy of Florida Solutions Care is to provide advice to homeowners in the most difficult moments generated by natural disasters or water damage losses.  Their highly trained team offers the best direction for bringing claims to your insurance company in the right way, thereby securing the most satisfactory results.

The Mission of Florida Solutions Care
The mission of Florida Solutions Care is to help homeowners and business owners obtain the maximum compensation in their insurance claims, and to preserve the value of their property in carrying out all processes required by insurance companies.

Public Adjuster
It is important to have the experience and knowledge of a public adjuster when evaluating and identifying any type of loss damage, whether it is from a storm, water, mold, fire, or any number of other disasters.  The correct classification of these damages under the ethical criteria is the most viable way to bring a claim before your property insurance company, receive fair compensation, and return your home to its initial state before the loss.  Florida Solutions Care holds the public adjuster licenses and certifications required by the State of Florida and will help you through this process.

Hurricane Season
The 2022 hurricane season has already begun, and this year Florida Solutions Care wants to educate and support the commun disaster preparation, prevention and protection of assets, and family safety.nity o

Client Relationships
Florida Solutions Care wants to create genuine connections with their clients and form sustainable relationships over time based on a unique, pleasant, and professional experience.  They have a special focus on the Latin community, but their main objective is to help all Floridians as we face days of heavy rains and major weather events.

Learn more about Florida Solutions Care LLC on their digital platforms at https://linktr.ee/floridasolutionscare.





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