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Business Member Spotlight: Jurassic Jungle Presents the Great Dino Rescue

Introducing Jurassic Jungle: Unearth the Mesozoic Era in Kissimmee!
Jurassic Jungle, the acclaimed immersive dinosaur experience brand, is ecstatic to announce its return to Kissimmee with an all-new show, “The Great Dino Rescue.” This limited-time engagement, running from August 18th to August 27th, promises to transport audiences back to the Mesozoic era and offer a unique blend of entertainment, education, and engagement.

Get ready to witness the most extraordinary lineup of lifelike dinosaurs ever assembled in one place while encountering your favorite breathtaking species like Raptors, Spinosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Brachiosaurus, and more!

Having already left an indelible mark with previous shows, including the much-loved “Jurassic Jungle LIVE,” the brand is no stranger to creating unforgettable memories. With a history rooted in bringing the prehistoric world to life, Jurassic Jungle has consistently set benchmarks in entertainment while fostering community connections.

Give Kids The Dinosaurs: Raptors With Heart Program
Jurassic Jungle is proud to announce its partnership with “Give Kids the World” for the “Raptors With Heart Program.”  As part of this initiative, Jurassic Jungle supports local charities in every city they visit. For their Kissimmee performance, attendees have the opportunity to enter a raffle for an exclusive VIP private meet & greet with one of the raptors after the show. All it takes is a cash donation of $5 or more to “Give Kids The World” at “The Great Dino Rescue.”  The lucky winner will be announced at the end of each show.

Additionally, Jurassic Jungle will host a FREE Dino Day exclusively for the wish families at the Village, offering them a day filled with exciting dinosaur adventures and interactive experiences. This gesture underscores Jurassic Jungle’s commitment to giving back to the community and creating memorable moments for all.

What Our Guests Are Saying:

  • Aramis, Kissimmee Florida Show Guest: “Jurassic Jungle is way better than other dinosaur shows… You should totally check out Jurassic Jungle guys!!!!”
  • Crissie Kromer: “Great show!!! My son Riot was on the edge of his seat the whole show!!! Everyone was super nice and they involved all the kids! The dinosaurs looked awesome!”
  • Leansly V Simmons: “My 2-year-old absolutely loved it! He was so excited every time a different dinosaur came out! Everyone was so nice and very good with all the children!”

About Jurassic Jungle
Jurassic Jungle is an organization dedicated to recreating the wonders of the prehistoric world. With a commitment to quality and authenticity, they offer immersive experiences that transport audiences back to the time of dinosaurs, blending entertainment, education, and engagement seamlessly.

“Jurassic Jungle is more than just a show; it’s a journey. We’re passionate about creating moments that last a lifetime, and our upcoming show in Kissimmee is a testament to that dedication. We’re excited to share this experience with the community and look forward to seeing familiar and new faces,” says Branden Schossler, COO of Jurassic Jungle.  Check out images in the gallery below.



Contact Information:

For collaboration inquiries or more details, reach out to Branden Schossler, COO of Jurassic Jungle at 330-283-7536 or dino@jurassicjungle.org.

For ticketing information, please visit DinoFlorida.com or email jurassicjungleshow@gmail.com.

View the trailer for “The Great Dino Rescue” below:

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