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Business Member Spotlight: KCBS Advance Academy

KCBS Advance Academy is a school for children with Autism that integrates behavior intervention along with education, allowing children to showcase their academic skills. KCBS Advance Academy fosters a caring and creative learning environment dedicated to changing the lives of every student that walks through the door. They provide an education system set up to focus on each child’s individual strengths and weaknesses and no two children are taught the same way.


Understanding the importance of working as a team is crucial, and with the cooperation of teachers, parents, therapists, and staff KCBS Academy is able to work in harmony to achieve for each student the results set out for them.  The goal of KCBS Academy isn’t to set limits, but rather to encourage high expectations of success for every child with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

You can find KCBS Advance Academy on Facebook and Instagram, and on their webpage kcbsadvanceacademy.com.


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