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Business Member Spotlight: Mantis Shrimp Consulting

If you could have a training for your team or group that was interactive, engaging, and fun, even on topics that may be tedious or detail-oriented and even boring, would you?  If you could add programming to your business or event schedule that individuals would be talking about for months or years later, would that be interesting to you?

Mantis Shrimp Consulting is available to work with you on the design and delivery of memorable, exciting programming.  They have conducted trainings engaging groups of all sizes in specialized learning opportunities and are excited to work with you, as well.  Day-long programs, multiple-session progressive programs over the course of weeks or months, 1-hour team-building programs, interactive symposia and conference presentations – they’ve done all of these and more on topics like:

  • Creative Collaboration,
  • Negotiation,
  • Stress Relief,
  • Communication Skills,
  • Customer Service,
  • Career Development,
  • Applied Improv, and more.

Additionally, Mantis Shrimp Consulting offers meeting facilitation services, helping teams gain a different perspective with a sense of humor and positivity.  Working with you to determine your needs and concerns in advance and craft a meeting agenda that can tackle the issues you would like to discuss, Mantis Shrimp Consulting helps keep the conversations productive but positive and collaborative. 

In situations where you may find yourself as an individual leader needing some help navigating the management landscape, some assistance polishing up professional communication skills, determining the best way to lead a team through change, or understanding how to move up in a confusing work environment, Mantis Shrimp Consulting is here to listen and help you track out your individualized action plan with leadership consulting.  Leadership isn’t something just learned with “experience,” nor do many individuals have an opportunity to learn this skill set outside of work before they find themselves tasked with learning-on-the-go.  Mantis Shrimp Consulting is available to come in and work with an individual or individuals on their unique and specific leadership development goals through real-time business challenges.  Put your career on a growth fast-track while making your teams, those below you and above you, excited about working with you.

Additionally, Mantis Shrimp Consulting is available as a business coach and COO-on-demand.  They will work with you to help identify some of the larger or more complex problems that are holding your business back and talk you through identifying the component pieces of those problems, giving you specific and manageable tasks for you to tackle.  Depending on your needs, they can also help you identify a timeline for these actionable tasks and act as your accountability partner in the process.

Bringing to the table over a decade of experience navigating complex business problem solving, thousands of contracts worked from idea through negotiation and completion; 7 years as a national trainer; and extensive experience in specialized program development and delivery and individual career coaching, owner Jennifer McGinnis is a keynote speaker and stand-up and improv comedian known for her engaging presentation style and ability to break complex issues down into easy-to-understand tidbits.  Mantis Shrimp Consulting focuses on finding the positive ways to move people, processes, and companies forward. 

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