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Business Member Spotlight: Smart City Metro

With advanced, enterprise-class technology backed by local, professional service and support, Smart City Metro offers highly-flexible, scalable solutions for today’s advanced business needs.

With over 50 years of experience building and maintaining custom fiber solutions for businesses in Central Florida, Smart City is expanding to provide fiber and voice services to more businesses in Orange, Seminole, Osceola, and Brevard counties. Operating as Smart City Metro, the expansion of their fiber network means you now have a choice for your communication needs.

As a full-service telecommunications provider, Smart City Metro offers symmetrical Fiber Internet Access services, cloud-based Hosted Voice, and managed services like SD-WAN, Wi-Fi, and Manager Router over an all-fiber network.  An all-fiber network means your business can experience faster access to your data and applications with speeds that range from 50 Mbps to 10 Gbps.  This will give you greater reliability and scalability, the ability to quickly upload and download large files simultaneously, fewer delays in accessing cloud-based tools and platforms, and – most importantly for businesses in Florida – an all-fiber network is designed to be weatherproof.

Smart City is headquartered in Lake Buena Vista and has been providing telecommunications services to two of the most important organizations in Central Florida: The Walt Disney World Co., including all enterprises on the Disney property, shops, hotels, restaurants, and transportation companies, and the Orange County Convention Center. They have a long history of innovation in Central Florida, including the first fiber optic network in the country, and the first 911 service in Florida. Today, they operate one of the most advanced telecommunications platforms available.

Most importantly, Smart City Metro backs their services with a top-down customer commitment and the locally-based personalized support your business demands. Their goal is to continually evolve as the nation’s leading provider of telecommunication services, delivered by one of the best-trained, most versatile workforces in the country.

See why the smartest choice for your data and voice requirements is right around the corner. You can contact Smart City Metro today for a free communication needs assessment at 407-828-6400.



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