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Chamber Area Councils Continue Donations to Osceola REDI

In May the Chamber was excited to announce that the Downtown Kissimmee Area Council had donated $1000 to Osceola REDI and then encouraged the other area councils to make their own contributions. To get up to date, and learn about Osceola REDI’s current goal, read our blog on the first round of area council donations.

We are now excited to share that, throughout the month of June, our area councils continued to make financial commitments to support Osceola REDI as they aim to raise $100,000 for our local food banks.

Celebration Area Council Will Not Be Left Out
Shortly after our first blog ran, the Celebration Area Council held their monthly board meeting and made the committment to donate $500. A generous board member offered to match the funds and the CAC was ultimately able to make a $1000 donation.


The Young Professionals of Osceola County Are All-In
The Young Professionals of Osceola County did not want to be left out of the challenge and also made a $500 commitment. Two of their board members then stepped in with additional contributions, bringing the YPs’ total donation to $650.


Osceola Resort Area Council Commits to Out-Donating the DKAC
As part of their initial challenge, the Downtown Kissimmee Area Council specifically called out ORAC in hopes that they would jump on the challenge. They weren’t wrong. With the tourism industry and its employees most-adversely affected by COVID-related job loss, ORAC was determined to take part in the Osceola REDI challenge. They were also determined to top DKAC’s donation of $1000 after being called out directly by the other council. Their board has decided to fundraise throughout the month of June, and match up to $1000 with their own funds. So far, they have amassed $2100 including the $1000 from the council.

The Four Corners Area Council and Small Business Council Make Contributions
Even amid their own significant financial commitments, the Four Corners Area Council and Small Business Council managed to make contributions of $100 each. The Four Corners Area Council has significant fundraising goals of their own in support of their Four Corners, One Vision project, and the SBC understandably focuses its attentions largely on Small Business aid and education. However, understanding the importance of feeding our community at this difficult time when many are out of work, they chose to support to the extent that they could. Thanks guys!

You or your business or organization can join the challenge as well and donate to Osceola Redi at OsceolaRedi.org or FeedingOsceola.org. Help them reach their goal of $100,000 by the end of the summer!

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