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Chamber Member Spotlight: Champion Bin Cleaning, LLC

Are you tired of dirty, smelly, pest-ridden trash bins? Champion Bin Cleaning, LLC knows how to fix the problem!

Champion Bin Cleaning, LLC is a veteran- and family-owned business, which operates in Osceola County. They deliver an eco-friendly and low-cost cleaning service for residential trash bins and commercial dumpsters.

Why should you have your trash and recycle bins cleaned?

Germs, viruses, and bacteria such as E-Coli, Salmonella, and Listeria build up and around your trash bin, which can cause unexplained illnesses to you and your family. Champion Bin Cleaning has an unmatched cleaning system that rids all harmful germs with the use of hot water temps of 190 degrees . Additionally, they spray down the outside of the trash bin including the parts that are often touched, such as the lid and handle.

Trash bins are also deodorized to eliminate the foul odors that attract stray animals and pests, such as flies and maggots.

So, protect your home and family by keeping your trash bins cleaned!

Pressure washing services are also available for driveways, sidewalks, and much more.

You can visit Champion Bin Cleaning at their website www.championbincleaning.com to sign up for their services or call 407-866-3195 for details.

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