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Embrace Families is hosting a Career Builder Summer Internship Program and is searching for employers who are interested in hosting an intern this summer.

As you also know, the greatest need of a young adult in foster care is for the guidance and support of committed adults as they navigate into adulthood without a traditional family network to rely upon.  This summer Embrace Families has the opportunity to address both of those needs. 

The attached document describes a summer apprenticeship program being developed by Embrace Families, with the express purpose of introducing qualified youth (ages 16-19) who have come through the foster care system to careers in industries that are skilled and high-paying but don’t necessarily require college degrees.  We’re hoping that with your help we can help identify willing participants who want an apprentice in construction, electrical, crane operator, mechanical, shoe cobbler or… any sort of job that may interest a young mind.  (Those are just a couple ideas that come to mind.) 

One of the great things about this program is that it is already funded.  Embrace Families is working with CareerSource, and funds have been designated to pay a wage to participating youth for up to 40-hours of work a week.  While we are asking employers to help with a modest stipend to address transportation and other incidental needs of participants, the cost of involvement is relatively low.  On the other hand, the benefit of introducing a career path opportunity to a foster youth could pay substantial dividends for all involved.

Amber Barrett is coordinating this program and is searching for employers who are interested in hosting an intern this summer. Please see attached for details about the program and contact Amber.Barrett@EmbraceFamilies.org if you have any questions and/or are interested in hosting an intern.


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