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Local Networking Event for the Osceola/Kissimmee Chamber of Commerce

Here’s how local networking events will positively impact your business’ growth

What if you knew your next business partner or boss was waiting for you at the next networking event? You would most likely attend. Local business networking events are not always the top priority of business professionals. In a world full of certifications, training, and meetings, professionals have forgotten about the importance and benefits of a local networking event for professional and business development. What if you knew your next business partner or boss was waiting for you at the next networking event? In this blog, we break down the importance of in-person and virtual networking events and provide tips you can use to help grow your business and professional network.

1. Introduce your business to new a market

Introducing yourself and your business to new small business owners at networking events is a big step in growing your professional network. One of the biggest benefits local networking events can provide to your business is the opportunity to expand its reach to a new market. For example, if your business is located in Downtown Kissimmee and you’re ready to open a second location, attending networking events in Saint Cloud will allow you to meet with business owners in that city and gain insight into what it’s like to be a Saint Cloud local entrepreneur. It might be intimidating to put you and your business out there, but remember, the goal in hosting network events is for business owners to establish a relationship beneficial for both parties.

Tip: Make sure to practice your elevator pitch and have plenty of business cards ready to hand out to those you meet.

2. Get advice that impacts your bottom line

Before you click ‘attend’ on the next event, consider exactly what you’re looking to gain. Exchanging information and furthering your knowledge is the foundation to building your network and growing your business. By attending local networking events in Kissimmee, Saint Cloud, and across Osceola County, you’ll be able to speak with knowledgeable and experienced business leaders. They can give you advice on advancing your career, provide insights on your industry and trends in the local market or industry. It’s always useful to hear different opinions and comments from people unrelated to your company. It’s a way to gain a new perspective that will benefit you and your business. Depending on the topic and your industry, you can become the expert in your field in the local market and become top of mind to those you meet who might need you and your services later down the line.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to talk about the goals you have for your company. Depending on who you meet, they might be able to help you meet your goals!

3. Develop long-lasting, profitable relationships

Since you’re networking with local business owners, it’s important to maintain a good relationship with the people you meet. Depending on the relationship you build, you can potentially impact your bottom line. For example, let’s say you own a coffee shop in Celebration. One day, you overhear a customer talk to their coworker about needing new decorations for their house. You remember your friend from a past networking event that creates unique home goods, who might be able to meet your customer’s needs. Ideally, you’re able to reference their business to your customers since you know the quality of their work. With that extra sale, your friend might then bring in her employees for an outing to your coffee shop, increasing sales that day. Networking events can help you build loyal and profitable relationships with business owners across a variety of industries.

Tip: Just because the networking event is over, your network building doesn’t have to stop there. Keep up with your professional network on what they’re up to with their business. A future referral to their business might come around to your business in a different way!

4. Build and enhance your professional business skills

Networking opportunities are a great way to build up your business and enhance your professional development skills. Kissimmee and St. Cloud networking events can help introduce you to businessmen and women that can enhance your leadership and communication skills. Whether it’s a course or a webinar, you can see a positive impact on yourself and your business by developing these skills. Taking advantage of these new opportunities will help you grow as a powerful professional networker and help you become an industry leader.

Tip: It’s just as important to grow yourself professionally as it can help your business grow. When you’re meeting new people in your community, don’t be shy about asking what leadership or business development resources are helpful for professional growth.

These are just a few ways networking events in Osceola County can help grow your business and tips you can use to help master the next event you attend. Check out our events calendar to see what upcoming network events we have scheduled!

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