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spirit of hospitality

We are looking for local hospitality and tourism industry employees, those who have provided exemplary customer service. Someone who has exhibited an exceptional contribution, exceeded expectations or overcome particular challenges in the workplace.

Nomination Information

  • We invite you to nominate an employee who has exhibited an exceptional contribution, exceeded expectations, or overcome particular challenges. THE MORE INFORMATION YOU CAN GIVE THE COMMITTEE WILL BETTER THE CHANCES FOR THE NOMINEE.

  • Description: Tell the awards committee the reasons for your nomination. Include the following information to describe your nominee:
    • -Why is he/she being nominated? - Provide specific examples of their work.
    • -Quality of work - Describe the thoroughness of the nominee’s work.
    • -Dependability - Does he/she stick to the job and perform well without constant supervision?
    • -Cooperation - Define his/her willingness to work with and for others.
    • -Personality/disposition - Friendliness; overall disposition while on the job; effect of disposition
    • -Appearance - Is the nominee neat and tidy; does he/she present a positive image to company and visiting public?
    • -Community Involvement - Any community related activities in which he/she is involved?
    • -Number of years’ experience
    • -Specific examples of how this person has provided stellar service

Nominator Contact Information



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