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June/July DKAC Beautification Awarded to Osceola Arts

The Downtown Kissimmee Area Council awarded their June/July Downtown Beautification Award to Osceola Arts for their facilitation of the four new murals in Downtown Kissimmee. 

If you haven’t headed downtown to check these out, they are a must!  You can find Iron Horse at 16 Broadway, and Cosmic Owl just across from it at 8 Broadway.  The Wild Ones can’t be missed at 120 Broadway, and Toho at Sunset can be found on the back of the Kissimmee Main Street Building at the corners of Broadway and Neptune. 

“The idea for this project was to create something that the community could wrap itself around in a joyful way, create community dialogue, enjoy beautiful art in public places, and bring something special to the Downtown area,” said Osceola Arts’ Visual Arts Director Marilyn Cortes-Lovato.  Congratulations Osceola Arts!

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