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Kissimmee Is Me Goes on a Bicycle Scavenger Hunt

This past week The Kissimmee Is Me Ambassador Program held their classroom training at Bohemian Hotel Celebration.  The classroom facilitator, Michelle Finnegan, Curator for the Osceola County Historical Society, spoke on the History of Kissimmee.  The participants also evaluated some interesting artifacts and guessed their description, place of origin and the date and time period the artifacts were used. 

The hands-on experience was held at Celebration Bike Rental.  The group participated in a bicycle scavenger hunt featuring team cooperation, communications, problem solving and strategic thinking while having fun in the beautiful surroundings in the town of Celebration.

Kissimmee Is Me Ambassador Program is a free initiative, for local hospitality employees, that offers both classroom training and personal hands-on experiences. These classes, sponsored by Experience Kissimmee and the Kissimmee/Osceola County Chamber of Commerce, reminds us all that we are the face of Kissimmee or “Kissimmee Is Me” when it comes to serving our guests.

Through this effort, we are creating a team of Kissimmee Is Me Ambassadors by educating front-line service providers and their leaders about:

*  Cross Cultural Guest Interactions

*  The History of Kissimmee

*  Raising the Bar on Customer Service

*  The Must Sees and Dos in Osceola County

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