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Kissimmee/Osceola Chamber Visits with Our Federal Representatives in August

During the week of August 9, 2021, Kissimmee/Osceola County Chamber President/CEO John Newstreet and Government Advisory Coordinator Danny López had sit-down meetings with Congressman Darren Soto and Barry Cotton, Central Florida Regional Director for U.S. Senator Rick Scott. Their advocacy efforts on behalf of the Kissimmee/Osceola Chamber of Commerce at the federal level have led to updates on potential money that could be available to Osceola County as part of  the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act, a new infrastructure bill that has bipartisan support in congress. With growing infrastructure in Osceola County, the ongoing conversation over expanding transportation in the county and region was also discussed with both offices, as well as potential new jobs in the county generated by NeoCity.

Congressman Soto took great pride in appropriations that Osceola County could receive for the ongoing I-4 projects in Orange, Osceola and Polk counties, as well as money to help with water issues that the City of St. Cloud is currently facing.  The Congressman has ensured the Chamber that there will always be an open working relationship between his office, the Kissimmee/Osceola Chamber, and the Osceola business community.

L-R: Government Advisory Coordinator Danny Lopez. Congressman Darren Soto, Chamber President/CEO John Newstreet

Barry Cotton, a staffer for U.S. Senator Rick Scott, also promised that he and the Senator’s office want to have a working relationship here in Osceola County with the Chamber and the business community.  John and Danny updated him on local projects and initiatives here in the district, as well as what’s going on with the Osceola County Commission, the City Councils for Kissimmee and St. Cloud, and the Osceola County School Board. so he can keep Senator Scott informed about everything going on in our wonderful county.

L-R: Government Advisory Coordinator Danny Lopez, Senator Rick Scott’s Central Florida Regional Director Barry Cotton, Chamber President/CEO John Newstreet

The Kissimmee/Osceola Chamber of Commerce will always advocate for the business community at the local, state, and federal levels of government. We have taken the skills of Danny López and John Newstreet and put them to work to the benefit of the Chamber and will always have open communications with all elected officials in Osceola County. Danny López updates our elected officials frequently on happenings and will for the foreseeable future be the liaison between the Chamber and elected officials.

Check out some of John and Danny’s conversation with Congressman Soto below:

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