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The mission of Leadership Osceola County is to: Prepare, Inspire and Support Leadership for the Improved Future of Our Community.

Building Leaders that Build Community

Founded in 1989 at the Osceola Chamber, Leadership Osceola was created to ensure our community had a foundation of knowledgeable, engaged, civic-minded individuals prepared to lead Osceola. The program has been building leaders that build community for more than 30 years and has opened the door to public and civic service for hundreds of individuals across our society.

Candidates are identified by local businesses, community stakeholders, and Leadership
Osceola alumni for program consideration. The application process commences in the
fall and includes the submission of an application and candidate interview conducted by
a selection committee comprised of Leadership Osceola alumni. The class is seated in
December and kicks off with a two-day retreat in early February. The class size is
purposefully kept small (30-35 individuals) to facilitate class connectedness and

Over the course of 5 months, the class explores key community issues and initiatives
through field experiences and hands-on activities. Additionally, the leadership skills
curriculum is woven into day programming, providing for personal and professional
growth. Upon graduation, participants are encouraged to engage in public betterment,
government advisory, and/or civic service opportunities that make a community impact.
Leadership Osceola is an incredible orientation to a myriad of key community issues and
exposure to Osceola’s leaders and decision-makers. Tuition is $2,500 per person for Osceola Chamber members and $3,000 for non-members. Tuition includes all program expenses, including materials, meals, and transportation for 10 program days, a 2-day overnight retreat, and a graduation luncheon. A limited number of scholarships (50% & 25% off) are available for small businesses, non-profits, and minority-owned enterprises.

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