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Member Spotlight: Little Piper Boutique

Our new Unity Member Little Piper Boutique recently opened their doors on West Osceola Parkway.  This unique boutique is owned by sisters Megan Carrion and Morgan Phillips.  Here Megan tells you about their shop in her own words:

My name is Megan Carrion I wanted to tell the story of our family-owned and operated business Little Piper Boutique. Last year my sister and I both found out we were pregnant together and only 7 weeks apart. This was my first child and her second. My sister is my best friend and to be pregnant with her was so exciting for us both. As we both progressed through our pregnancies the excitement only grew! We shortly found out we would both being having little girls. These would be the first two grand daughters and first daughter for my sister. We did our gender reveal parties and baby showers together.

Sadly, as we both reached the end of our pregnancies our worlds came crashing down on September 16.  At this time my sister was 35 weeks pregnant and I was about 28 weeks pregnant. My sister hadn’t been feeling well that weekend, and wasn’t sure if she had felt her baby move. So, when she told me what was going on I told her to just go to the ER have them check and make sure everything is okay. I said, “Maybe you are going into early labor!”  I had no idea the next phone call I would receive would bring me to my knees. She told me they couldn’t find the heartbeat and her baby had passed away. She was going into have a C-section so they could deliver Piper. So, on September 16 Piper was born sleeping and in the arms of Jesus.

We wanted to do something in memory of her, and that is how we came up with Little Piper Boutique. We are more than just a children’s boutique. In our boutique we have a memory wall to honor all babies that are born sleeping. We want to be an outlet and a safe place for women to come tell their stories, but also be a place they can shop for their other children or the children they plan to have. The amount of families that we have connected with already has been simply amazing! We have cried, hugged, laughed, and told stories with families we didn’t even know until they walked in our doors.


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