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My First Job

My experience here as my first job was definitely a one of a kind experience. From printing papers, and making copies, to meeting new people and helping out around the office, I could definitely say this was a GREAT experience for my first job. Two months ago I didn`t even know how to pick up the phone, let alone intern for Kissimmee Chamber of Commerce. All I can say is “thank you for this opportunity to grow and learn.” It’s only been a month and a half and I feel like it’s been just a week. Time flies by when you enjoy something, but I feel like I’ve known you all for years. I’m sad to say my internship will be coming to an end, but I won`t forget the opportunities nor the memories and experiences I`ve made during my internship.

The Kissimmee Chamber are all like family – ones that comes together no matter what. I have always admired that. I also always wanted to be a part of an office family and have office birthday parties and be a part of meetings to discuss business. It’s the only time I ever felt like I was a part of something and it meant the world to me that they welcomed me in with open arms. I can also say I learned a lot for my first job: how to answer phones, communicate, provide service, do media logs, and help organize events. I learned about leadership, how to work hard, and much more. I’ve meet a lot of people who were kind and ambitious and very inspiring and learned what they loved to do. It just gave me a few options on what to think about for my future. For instance recently my co-workers and I had the opportunity to tour around a kitchen facility by a professional chef who’s been in the industry for years.  He told us many stories and gave me inspiration on what to do next in my life and where to start. So thank you Kissimmee Chamber Of Commerce for letting me stay, grow, and learn from you all.

This blog post was written by Keyla Cabrera, an intern at the Kissimmee/Osceola County Chamber for the summer of 2019 through CareerSource’s Summer Youth Program.  Keyla is a junior at Osceola High School, where she is in the culinary program.  She is also a very active volunteer at her church.  She would like to attend the US Air Force Academy.

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