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Non-Profit Member Spotlight: Pantry Planters Inc.

Planting the Seeds to Ending Hunger in Osceola County and Beyond

Pantry Planters Inc. is a 501c(3) non-profit that aims to end hunger in Osceola County and beyond by providing customized solutions to meet the unique needs of the communities it will serve.

Founded by former St. Cloud Community Pantry longtime volunteer & director Tammi Madison, Pantry Planters brings over 16 years of experience to empowering and educating community members to implement sustainable food distribution centers throughout Osceola County where there is the greatest need. In one and a half months, Pantry Planters has assisted with the establishment of three food pantries in Poinciana and Kissimmee, locations with great need for food distribution.

The process begins with a conversation with Tammi to understand the vision of the passionate individual or group who wishes to serve their neighbor, whether it is to serve hot meals, open a soup kitchen or food pantry, provide bag lunches to homeless or students, create a community host a regular food drop, or other ideas to make an impact.

Pantry Planters will then collaborate to provide tools and education to implement each vision of ending food insecurity in that area. Pantry Planters will connect community members with businesses and resources to see each vision come to life. Pantry Planters will advise the steps necessary to ensure the distribution centers meet federal, state, and local requirements.

To be successful, Pantry Planters looks to collaborate with community members interested in opening or hosting a food distribution in their community. Additionally, Pantry Planters looks to connect with passionate business members, individuals, and organizations looking to volunteer or support Pantry Planter’s mission through time, talents, treasure or fundraising efforts.

Please visit Pantry Planters at www.pantryplanters.org, follow on social media for updates, contact at pantryplanters@gmail.com or 407-986-7949 or support through PayPal.

Through the work of many dedicated individuals and organizations, we will end food insecurity, one seed at a time.


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