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Poinciana Area Council Awards Four Poinciana Area Students $1000 Scholarships

The COVID-19 Pandemic did not stop the Poinciana Area Council from awarding four Poinciana-area students with their annual PAC Scholarship Award.  For over a decade, the PAC has hosted this event at Poinciana High School, where their board of directors and other attendees were always welcomed by the amazing PHS culinary students.  A tasty lunch and great hospitality were always a welcome side-perk of this inspiring event.  This year, with the pandemic making it impossible to gather together at PHS’ Eagle’s Kitchen, the presentation was held via Zoom on May 26. 

Attendees and recipients heard words of encouragement from Chamber President/CEO John Newstreet, School Board Member Tim Weisheyer, and Valencia College Poinciana Campus Executive Dean Jennifer Robertson.  Thanks to a generous donation from Riviera Spa Massage, PAC was able to award four $1000 scholarships.  Recipients of the scholarship this year came from three different Osceola County schools, and each was introduced by a representative from their school.  They then shared, in their own words, their academic and career goals, and how they hope to use their talents in the community of Poinciana. 

Poinciana High School Principal Jeffrey Schwartz enthusiastically introduced Stephany Mania, who immigrated from Venezuela at age 13 and now looks forward to earning a degree to become a physician’s assistant and eventually a doctor.  Next, Karen Gill, College and Career Counselor at Osceola County School of the Arts, introduced us to Jordon Green, and noted that Jordan worked very hard to choose the college that would be the best fit for her.  Jordan is a drama major at OCSA and shared an essay about her love of the arts and making and difference both on and off the stage.  Bruce Mulford, College and Career Counselor at Liberty High School, then welcomed Julie Bone.  Julie shared her excitement about pursuing a career in the field of optometry, and her desire to use her talents to serve the Poinciana community.  Finally, Mr. Mulford introduced a second scholarship recipient from Liberty, Tiffanie Crumbie.  Tiffanie will attend Valencia in the fall and then move on to UCF to pursue a career as a biomedical engineer who designs and tests medical devices.

This very accomplished group of girls represent a fascinating sample of the interests and talents of students here in Osceola County.  It was truly inspirational to learn about their very specific, and very diverse college and career goals, and about the volunteer, extra-curricular, and academic work they have pursued while in high school.  It is very clear why they were chosen for this award, and we wish them the best as they each embark on the next phase of their lives.

Check out the video below to see some highlights from the 2020 PAC Scholarship Awards and to get to know these four amazing girls!  Hopefully next year attendees at this inspirational scholarship event will once again be back at Poinciana High School for a fun luncheon.  For now, we say “Congratulations!” to these four exceptional ladies and the class of 2020.

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