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Poinciana Area Council Hosts Lunch & Learn on the Benefits of Salt Therapy

On July 8, the Poinciana Area Council held their first virtual PAC Lunch. Guests were invited to partake in their own lunch while enjoying an educational and informative topic from the safe comfort of their home or office.

The topic of the day was “The Benefits of Halo (Salt) Therapy,” presented by Crystal Bethea of Riviera Spa Massage. Interestingly, Salt Therapy can have positive effects on the respiratory system, as well as the skin and overall well-being – both mentally and physically – of a body. While Crystal was quick to point out that salt therapy is not intended as a “cure” or replacement for any kind of medication, and that anyone seeking any new kind of treatment for a particular condition should first consult with their doctor, she also conceded that the benefits of salt therapy that she has witnessed in her practice and in her personal life could be a welcome lifestyle addition now amidst the pandemic.

Crystal began by explaining how the sensory experience of sound, salt, and light that is part of a salt booth or salt room session can have a positive effect on bringing the body, mind, and spirit into a state of balance. She then explained the science behind how halo therapy, which make use of pharmaceutical grade salt, works. She offered a bit of information on how salt therapy might be beneficial to those wishing to ward off coronavirus. While coronavirus has no vaccine or cure at this time, salt therapy is a proactive action to guard the respiratory system that the virus seems to so aggressively attack.

Crystal also discussed salt therapy’s benefits for the skin, and ways it can positively impact sleeping problems, snoring, anxiety, stress, and mental fatigue. Finally, she covered some basic FAQs and then took questions from our attendees.

If you would like to view Crystal’s presentation, it is available below.

Keep up with the Poinciana Area Council on Facebook. They will announce an August “luncheon” event very soon. If you are a member who is interested in attending one of their virtual board meetings, contact us at cpilkington@theosceolachamber.com.

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