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Tools and Resources to Help Businesses Plan, Prepare, and Protect from an Attack

The U.S.Department of Homeland Security(DHS) encourages business to Connect, Plan, Train, and Report. Applying these four steps in advance of an incident or attack can help better prepare businesses and their employees to proactively think about the role they play in the safety and security of their businesses and communities.
CONNECT: Reach out and develop relationships in your community, including local law enforcement. Having these relationships established before an incident occurs can help speed up the response when something happens.
PLAN: Take the time now to plan on how you will handle a security event should one occur. Learn from other events to inform your plans.
TRAIN: Provide your employees with training resources and exercise your plans often. The best laid plans must be exercised in order to be effective.
REPORT: “If You See Something, Say Something” is more than just a slogan. Call local law enforcement.
For more information The Ready Campaign provides help with planning for business at http://www.ready.gov/business.

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