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2016 Osceola Hob Nob

Nearly a thousand political supporters attended the Kissimmee/Osceola County Chamber of Commerce’s 2016 Osceola Hob Nob at Osceola Heritage Park to cast their vote for local, state and federal politicians at Osceola County’s premier political event.

Voters made their voice count during the “Straw Ballot Poll” conducted as part of the event.  All event attendees had the opportunity to rally support for their candidate of choice during the Parade of Candidates.

Candidates seeking support for election into office were present to personally meet the Osceola County voters.  While strolling through the numerous display booths hosted by each candidate and business vendors, attendees indulged in unlimited networking with the area’s top business leaders, enjoyed delicious catering by SAVOR, and took part in the fun and festivities.

The results of the “Straw Ballot Poll” were announced at the close of the event.

President of the United States
0.62 Donald J Trump
0.38 Hillary Clinton
United States Senator Democratic Primary
0.09 Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente
0.31 Alan Grayson
0.13 Pam Keith
0.01 Reginald Luster
0.46 Patrick Murphy
United States Senator Republican Primary
0.16 Carlos Beruff
0.06 Ernie Rivera
0.69 Marco Rubio
0.09 Dwight Mark Anthony Young
US Representative in Congress District 9 DEM
0.42 Valleri Crabtree
0.06 Dena Grayson
0.04 Susannah Randolph
0.49 Darren Soto
 US Representative in Congress District 9 REP
0.56 Wayne Liebnitzky
0.44 Wanda Rentas
State Senator District 15
0.47 Bob Healy Jr
0.21 Victor M. Torres Jr
0.32 Peter Vivaldi
State Representative District 39
0.67 Neil Combee
0.33 Victor Sims
State Representative District 42
0.72 Mike La Rosa
0.28 Benny Valentin
State Representative District 43
0.28 John Cortes
0.28 Ricardo Rangel
0.44 Sara Shaw
Circuit Judge 9th Judicial Circuit Group 4
0.30 Orley Burey
0.39 Luis Calderon
0.31 Joseph Haynes Davis
Circuit Judge 9th Judicial Circuit Group 14
0.31 Lorraine Elizabeth DeYoung
0.69 Dan Traver
Osceola County Clerk of the Circuit Court
0.29 Arthur “Beau” Osborne
0.52 John M. Overstreet
0.12 Armando Ramírez
0.08 Malcom W. Thompson
Osceola County Sheriff Dem. Party
0.04 Rolando S. Banasco
0.11 Luis “Tony” Fernandez
0.71 Russell Gibson
0.14 Jose Sanchez-Garcia
Osceola County Sheriff Rep. Party
0.18 Carl Velasquez Mitchell
0.72 Dave Sklarek
0.10 Steve “Theo” Theodoropoulos
Osceola County Sheriff NPA
1.00 Marco Lopez
Osceola County Property Appraiser
0.11 Chris Mack
0.22 Julius A. Melendez
0.67 Katrina Scarborough
Osceola County Tax Collector
0.26 Orlando Gonzalez
0.74 Bruce Vickers
Osceola County Commissioner District 1
0.43 Peggy Choudhry
0.21 Michael E. Harford
0.35 Jed W. Suhl
Osceola County Commissioner District 3
0.59 Brandon Arrington
0.12 Manuel “Manny” Rodriguez
0.21 Ivan A. Rivera
0.05 Julio C. Diaz
0.02 Tony Ferentinos
Osceola County Commisisoner District 5
0.74 Fred Hawkins Jr
0.26 Jeff Rivera
School Board Member District 2
0.23 Wilfredo “Will” Fonseca
0.77 Kelvin Soto
City of Kissimmee Commissioner Seat 1
0.31 Olga Gonzalez
0.12 Nicolasa “Nicole” Murillo
0.28 Richard Oehler Jr
0.29 Debra Rosado
City of Kissimmee Commissioner Seat 3
0.16 Olga L. Castano
0.32 Angela Eady
0.23 Robert Joynes
0.05 Adaliz Martinez
0.24 Lisandra Roman
City of Kissimmee Commissioner Seat 4
0.77 Jim Fisher
0.23 Jose “Joe” Balasquide
City of Kissimmee Commissioner(Mayor) Seat 5
0.63 Jose Alvarez
0.25 Art Otero
0.12 Freddy E. Villanueva
Saint Cloud City Council Member Seat 1
0.51 Nathan Blackwell
0.49 Jeff D. Rinehart
Saint Cloud City Council Member Seat 2
0.34 Anthony “Tony” Busby
0.13 Hughette Crumpler
0.53 Linette Matheny
Saint Cloud City Council Member Seat 3
0.61 Charles “Chuck” Cooper
0.39 Amanda L. Taormino
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