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8 ways to help your business grow in Osceola County

Whether it’s your first or 15th year of business, there are many business tools and tactics available to help take your business to the next level. From regularly attending local networking events to making sure your business is searchable online, these are just two strategies every business owner should consider implementing. On the blog, we go over these and six other ways you can help grow your business in Osceola.

1. Join a local chamber of commerce

A chamber of commerce functions as an association and network of businesspeople that promote economic development and collaborations with large and small business owners through events and meetings. Local chambers of commerce can also promote and advocate their members’ interests in the community at legislative meetings and luncheons. However, one of the biggest perks a chamber of commerce can provide to your business is that its function as an organization is to help you. Think of a chamber of commerce as a tool available for you to use in your business management utility belt. 

2. Make sure you have an online presence

According to Oberlo, “Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day.” From the random questions like, “How many seeds are in a strawberry?” to more specific inquiries like, “How to start a business in Kissimmee,” Google processes them all. When you build a website for your business, you’re able to tell online searchers about your company, where you’re located, and, most importantly, include target keywords based on your products or services. By building an online website for your business, you enable Google and other search engines to look at your website and recommend you to potential customers or leads.

Kissimmee Chamber networking events in Kissimme

3. Join an industry-specific professional association

Depending on what industry you’re a part of, there might be specific professional industry associations or groups that can help your business grow in Kissimmee or Saint Cloud. For example, if you’re a real estate agent, you might consider joining the Osceola County Association of Realtors. Associations like this allow you to network with other business members in the same industry as you and remove the “vetting process” that comes with lead nurturing and gathering.

Are you trying to find more local qualified business leads? Learn more about our Leads Groups!

4. Be ready to engage with customers on social media

According to Statista, Facebook alone has 2.9 billion registered users worldwide and 180 million Facebook users in the United States specifically. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok are just some of the most popular social media apps that your future customers are using.  Similar to how your website works, your business’s social media profiles allow users to learn more about you, your products and services, and, more importantly, what other people think about you. From customer reviews to direct messages, social media allows you to have one-on-one conversations with your customers to learn more about their pain points and how you can help solve their problems in the present and in the future.

Social channel users breakdown in the United States

5. Be ready to connect online and in-person 

While networking with people may seem intimidating, it’s one of the best ways to build professional connections. At local networking events in St. Cloud and Kissimmee, you’ll be able to meet with other business owners face-to-face that are just as eager to make a connection as you. Check out our events calendar to see what upcoming luncheons, business after hours, and networking events we’re hosting throughout Osceola County.

6. Participate in local community events and tradeshows 

Whether you are selling products or services, showing up and having a presence at local community events in Osceola County is another great way to grow your local business. Being in front of people and allowing them to see and test out your product can create fans of your products and business. If your company offers a service, demonstrating how your service works can help potential customers or leads better understand your service and solve their problems.

Kissimmee Chamber networking events in Kissimmee

7. Consider low-cost advertising

If you’re looking to reach new customers and grow sales, it might be time to consider purchasing low-cost advertising. But, before you go shopping around for media space, consider exactly who your ideal customer is. Thinking about your ideal customer’s shopping habits and how they get information before the media buying process helps you decide whether to run an ad on Facebook or run a coupon promotion with a local publication like Osceola News-Gazette. Make sure to ask for their reach, audience size, and markets before you buy to confirm you’re making the best decision for your business!

8. Meet with a Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Representative

The Florida Small Business Development Center is an organization that helps people start, build and grow their businesses through training programs and strategy meetings. From business workshops to free business consultations, their organization can help businesses of all industries throughout their journey. One of the best features their agency offers is free business strategy consultations with one of their counselors. These counselors have representatives across eight counties in Central Florida, including Osceola County. These reps are knowledgeable about our market background and can help you with business management tactics and strategies.

These are just eight ways you can help grow your business in Kissimmee, St. Cloud, or wherever your business operates in Osceola County. Are you inspired and ready to take your business to the next level? Check out the benefits of joining our Chamber of Commerce and see what package would work best for you and your business.

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