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As you work hard and dedicate yourself to achieving success, The Osceola Chamber will act as a catalyst by providing you with strategic tools and tactics. As the second fastest-growing county in Florida and the 13th fastest-growing county in the U.S., the greater Osceola region has become a hotspot for new and established businesses to grow their companies to the next level. Since the early 1900s, The Osceola Chamber has represented around 600 small, medium, and large-sized companies, non-profit organizations and local governments by supporting their real business needs. As a leader in opportunity, collaboration, and advocacy, The Osceola Chamber is helping professionals across a variety of industries grow and thrive in Central Florida’s dynamic market.

  1. Grow Your Business through Our Networking Events
  2. Support Causes You Care About During Coalition Meetings
  3. Develop a Robust Network at First Friday Luncheons
  4. Grow Your Business through Our Member Directory
  5. Grow Your Business through Our Councils
  6. Advocating for Your Business Through The Osceola Chamber
  7. Grow Your Business through The Osceola Chamber’s Professional Development Programs
  8. Grow Your Business through The Osceola Chamber’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Representatives
  9. Grow Your Business through The Osceola Chamber’s Leads Groups
  10. Frequently Asking Questions Regarding The Osceola Chamber

Grow Your Business through Our Networking Events

Networking is the lifeline of any successful business. Help for small business owners starts with connections, collaborations, and shared experiences with other professionals in your field. That’s why we invite working professionals throughout Central Florida to join us at our dynamic networking events, designed to ignite growth and propel your business to new heights.

Business After Hours are member-driven networking events that are held at the host member’s business. These monthly events are held across Osceola County throughout the year and give you the opportunity to share the room with a diverse group of entrepreneurs and business owners from various industries across Central Florida. These events offer the perfect platform to connect with like-minded individuals, form new partnerships, and expand your network. By broadening your connections, you open doors to new opportunities that may forge meaningful relationships leading to collaborative growth.

  • These events are free for any Osceola Chamber members, regardless of the membership level, and a small admission fee for non-members.

Our networking events foster an environment of camaraderie and support. Osceola Roundups are organized by The Osceola Chamber staff in partnership with experience and attraction-based businesses. Osceola Roundups occur throughout Central Florida at The Osceola Chamber member’s location and generally last about two hours. The goal of these events is to nurture deeper conversations and connections with fellow professionals through shared experiences.

  • These events have a small attendance fee for both Osceola Chamber members and non-members.

Support Causes You Care About During Coalition Meetings

Black Business Coalition Meeting

At The Osceola Chamber, we recognize the importance of continuous learning and personal growth. That’s why our Coalition Meetings allow you the opportunity to meet and collaborate with other industry experts and thought leaders doing business in Osceola County. Their wisdom, insights, and success stories can inspire and empower you to overcome challenges, embrace innovation, and take your business to the next level. Each of our seven coalitions are centered around a specific demographic group, meeting every other month at The Osceola Chamber. Don’t miss the opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge and learn from those who have walked the path before you. Below is a list of the current coalitions open to both members and non-members:

The Black Business Coalition brings together Osceola County’s Black business community to look at their collective business needs and assess opportunities to address them, while sharing support, resources, and understanding. Meeting the first Wednesday of every other month, Black entrepreneurs and those with interest and investment in Osceola’s growing Black community will have the opportunity to examine specific business interests within the county in an informal setting, pool collective talents and insights in support of the community, and make connections with like-minded business people.

  • The Black Business Coalition meets on the first Wednesday of every other month at 3:30pm. Register for the next meeting through our events calendar.

The Hispanic Business Coalition provides critical support to the Hispanic business community in the Central Florida area. Guided by The Osceola Chamber’s mission to offer leadership, education, networking, and marketing opportunities, this coalition actively promotes the success of Hispanic-owned businesses and organizations. They discuss topics such as education, health, and government affairs with a focus on how they impact Osceola Chamber members and the broader Hispanic community.

  • The Hispanic Business Coalition meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 12:0pm. Register for the next meeting through our events calendar.

The invaluable contributions of nonprofit organizations in Osceola County cannot be overstated. These organizations not only provide essential support to tens of thousands of individuals within our community on a daily basis, but also have stepped up to shoulder much of the responsibility for ensuring that our community remains a thriving place to live, work, and play. To further support and uplift our nonprofit business members, The Osceola Chamber’s Non-Profit Coalition creates a space for non-profits to meet and collaborate with one another on issues happening across Osceola County.

  • The Non-Profit Coalition meets on the third Thursday of every other month at 3pm. Register for the next meeting through our events calendar.

The Pride Coalition serves as a dynamic and professional platform for inclusivity and advocacy within Osceola County. Meetings focus on strategies and topics impacting Osceola County business owners who identify as a part of the LGBTQIA+ community and their allies. Through the power of shared experience and a culmination of knowledge from various industries, attending our meetings opens doors to a wealth of opportunities. Join us to engage in meaningful conversations, expand your network, and contribute to building a more inclusive business landscape together.

  • The Pride Coalition meets on the third Tuesday of every other month at 3pm. Register for the next meeting through our events calendar.

The mission of the Tourism Safety Coalition is to create an opportunity for businesses located along the West 192 corridor to work together in preventing, protecting, and mitigating threats to businesses, guests, and our community. This collaborative effort aims to establish a strong network of support and resources to address safety and security concerns effectively. The coalition invites business owners, general managers, and security managers in the West 192 area who are concerned about the safety and security of their businesses, employees, and customers. By attending these meetings, you will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals who share similar concerns and are determined to find solutions.

  • The Tourism Safety Coalition meets the second Wednesday of every month at 3pm. Register for the next meeting through our events calendar.

As a champion for businesses of all sizes and types, The Osceola Chamber recognizes the vital role that veterans play in fostering a prosperous regional economy. Our Warrior Coalition is dedicated to providing a professional and approachable platform for Veteran resources, causes, and connections,  especially as they pertain to the business community. By connecting with others who share a similar journey, The Warrior Coalition serves to foster relationships between Veteran business professionals, employers, and supporters here in Osceola County.

  • The Warrior Coalition meets the fourth Wednesday of every month at 3:30pm. Register for the next meeting through our events calendar.

The Young Professionals Coalition is committed to empowering and connecting individuals between the ages of 18 and mid-40-year-olds as they embark on their professional journeys. This coalition’s mission is to provide a platform where young professionals can foster invaluable business relationships within a tight-knit community. Young Professionals Coalition meetings are conducive to collaborative learning, personal growth, and professional development. This coalition also firmly believes that continuous education is the key to success, which is why they nurture the educational and professional growth of young professionals.

  • The Young Professionals Council Board of Directors meets on the fourth Friday of each month at 1pm at The Osceola Chamber.

Coalition meetings are always free of charge and open to both non-members and members at any level. You can view when each coalition’s next meeting or networking event will take place by checking out our events calendar.

Develop a Robust Network at First Friday Luncheons

Through our networking events, you have the opportunity to connect with local influencers, government officials, and community leaders. First Fridays occur on the first Friday of every month and are organized by The Osceola Chamber staff in partnership with local restaurants and eateries. During these luncheons, you’ll be able to have conversations with fellow professionals who genuinely understand the challenges you face. You can gain access to a network of mentors, advisors, and peers who can help you overcome obstacles and achieve your goals over a delicious meal.

These events are free to attend but Osceola Chamber members and non-members will have to pay for their own food and drinks.

Grow Your Business through Our Member Directory

The Osceola Chamber’s Member Directory can be your one-stop shop to identify potential partners to help you along your business journey and help new leads find your business. The Membership Directory hosts a list of other professionals across a variety of industries with their contact information, giving you the opportunity to reach out and connect with others in or maybe out of your field. Having your business’ website listed on the Member Directory page could even help your business’ website rank higher on search engines. With Google and leads seeing your business’ name listed in The Osceola Chamber’s Member Directory, your business will be seen as reputable and trustworthy to the community.

Grow Your Business through Our Councils

Council Meet Up

Serving on an Area Council Board of Directors is a great way to gain or maintain influence within the vast geographic regions of Osceola County. Our Area Councils represent areas of the county from Celebration to Poinciana, and Downtown Kissimmee to the Four Corners within the larger Chamber. Each Area Council board is responsible for annual events and initiatives that have the specific needs and interests of their geographic footprint in mind.

During these meetings, the council will discuss engagement among the varying commercial and community groups that are in Celebration, Florida. Through hosting networking and educational events, the council aims to encourage participation and interaction among businesses within Celebration, while also creating opportunities for professionals to expand their networks. Additionally, the council keeps a keen eye on government, education, and community interests, analyzing their impact on businesses within Celebration, fostering open communication between decision-making entities to benefit the broader business community.

The Downtown Kissimmee Council is deeply committed to promoting the success of businesses and events, actively highlighting the vibrant offerings of Downtown Kissimmee. The council focuses on the aesthetic improvements and innovative enhancements that continue to shape and enhance the charm of Downtown Kissimmee. Additionally, the council provides strong leadership on major issues that impact the overall well-being of businesses in this area, advocating in the best interest of downtown Kissimmee businesses. To keep the local community informed and connected, this council also holds an annual update that covers everything happening in Downtown Kissimmee and raises funds with their Downtown Dollars program.

The Four Corners Council serves as the driving force behind collaborative efforts among Lake, Orange, Osceola, and Polk counties, pooling resources to address various issues impacting residents and business owners in the Four Corners area. The council’s focus centers on fostering cooperation and communication between the four counties, ensuring that regular dialogues among county governments is happening while promoting collaboration among local businesses. To keep the business community informed, the council organizes events such as the Four Corners Summit and Four Corners Bus Tour, offering valuable updates on the development and growth happening in the vibrant Four Corners area. In 2019 they developed the One Vision project which is a document that shows the shared vision for the area’s design and walkability despite being in four neighboring counties.

The Poinciana Council is a steadfast advocate for the economic well-being of businesses and is dedicated to the advancement of the civic, industrial, commercial, professional, educational, and environmental welfare of the vibrant Poinciana area. This council strives to support students and bolster the education system in Poinciana to shape the next generation of Poinciana’s business community. Additionally, this area council provides valuable educational opportunities on topics that have an immediate impact on the Poinciana area or the broader business community. This council continuously monitors and understands the developments happening in Poinciana, working towards economic growth for the betterment of the Poinciana business community.

To inquire about serving on any of our councils, contact Christina Pilkington at cpilkington@theosceolachamber.com. Or, check out our events calendar to meet with some of our council members at one of their upcoming events!

Advocating for Your Business Through The Osceola Chamber

The Osceola Chamber serves as a trusted business advocate for companies of all sizes and types in the region. In addition to providing education and advocacy on issues facing the business community and region, we focus on the concerns of The Osceola Chamber members like education, transportation, quality of life, economic development, health and insurance. The Osceola Chamber speaks out for reforms that will create jobs, attract investment, improve bottom lines, and build a promising future for the community.

To learn more about each of these advocacy efforts and how our committee is working to grow your business here in Osceola County, visit our Advocacy page.

Grow Your Business through The Osceola Chamber’s Professional Development Programs

The Osceola Chamber offers a unique professional development program designed to support professionals in Osceola County in growing their connections with local community and business leaders. Each county has its own unique strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats so we understand the importance of staying ahead in today’s competitive business landscape. We offer educational resources for small businesses through workshops hosted by our area councils and our Leadership Osceola program. These opportunities provide valuable skills and knowledge regarding business operations, leading teams or increasing your company’s impact in the community. Whether it’s learning about the latest marketing strategies, honing leadership skills, or gaining a deeper understanding of industry trends, our professional development opportunities are tailored to meet the specific needs of our members.

Grow Your Business through The Osceola Chamber’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Representatives

The Florida Small Business Development Center is an organization that provides help for professionals just starting out in ways they can build and grow their businesses through training programs and strategy meetings. Among the features offered by the SBDC are free business resources such as strategy consultations with one of their counselors and workshops that can help you throughout your journey. SBDC business consultants are represented across eight counties in Central Florida, and their Osceola office is located within The Osceola Chamber building located at 1425 E Vine St. in Kissimmee. These representatives are knowledgeable about our market background and can help you with business management tactics and strategies.

Grow Your Business through The Osceola Chamber’s LEADS Groups

At The Osceola Chamber, we believe that participating in business networking and LEADS Groups can have incredible benefits for your business’s growth and success. These groups offer a range of advantages, from increased exposure and opportunities to valuable connections and advice. By joining a group, you can enhance your profile, find personal satisfaction from helping others, and even create lifelong friendships.

LEADS Groups are specifically designed to help Osceola Chamber member businesses generate leads and grow their customer base. To ensure that each member benefits fully, only one business from each sector is represented, eliminating any competition within the group.

For more information on joining the following a LEADS Group, click the link for the group you are interested in.

  • Four Corners Leads Group – Tuesdays at 8:00 a.m. at Jarrett-Gordon Ford, I-4 & Hwy 27, Davenport.
  • Latino Referral Group – Wednesdays at 8:45 a.m. – Kissimmee Chamber Board Room, 1425 E. Vine Street, Kissimmee.
  • Downtown Leads Group – Thursdays at 8:30 a.m. at Osceola County Welcome Center & History Museum, 4155 W. Vine Street, Kissimmee.
  • Celebration Leads Group – Fridays at 9:00 a.m. at Windsor at Celebration 1370 Celebration Blvd, Celebration.

For more information on joining a LEADS Group, please contact Robin Hughes at (407) 847-4523.

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Frequently Asking Questions Regarding The Osceola Chamber

The mission for The Osceola Chamber is simple: to be champions for business and the Osceola community. For many new businesses, joining a chamber of commerce could be a great first step for you in your journey to grow your business. The Osceola Chamber represents around 600 small, medium, and large companies, organizations, and governments that do business in and across Osceola County. The Osceola Chamber advocates on behalf of all its members for a business climate that enables entrepreneurs and community leaders like you to succeed at growing your bottom line.

Read more about how our chamber of commerce received a “Accredited with 5 Stars”  by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

The Osceola Chamber empowers your business to thrive by being a vital resource for optimizing connections with the finest business leaders in Central Florida. The most valuable part about being a part of a chamber like The Osceola Chamber is that you’re not alone, and that together with other business owners in your community you can grow your business and leave a legacy.

While we don’t directly fund or provide grants for small businesses, we can recommend scheduling a consultation with our local Small Business Development Center representative to help build a fundraising and future business plan.

There may be plenty of networking events in Orlando but don’t be afraid to cross the county line and expand your professional network in Osceola County! Between the Chamber’s signature events, events hosted by our Area Councils, monthly Coalition meetings, and regular networking opportunities like Business After Hours and First Friday, The Osceola Chamber offers many opportunities to meet with fellow community leaders and industry professionals.

Meet some of our Osceola Chamber members through this small business spotlight: Chamber Champions .

Ready to grow your business in Osceola? Learn how we can help your business grow in Kissimmee and beyond with our membership!

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